About GFB Outsourcing

GFB Outsourcing is the professional services division of GFB,  offering a range of select and specialized services to local and regional clients. 

Through outsourced services, we help our clients optimize operations, reduce operating costs, inefficiencies, mitigate risks and achieve higher growth rates. 

Our outsourcing services are available for clients from all industries and of all sizes. 

Our Services

Outsourced eCommerce

As leading eCommerce service provider, GFB enables clients to achieve thier eCommerce goals by combining consulting, technology, and operations to deliver uniquely branded storefronts and customer experiences.

Outsourced ICT

We provide full ICT outsourcing services based on frameworks of best practices. Throughout the ICT service lifecycle, we strive to provide dedicated and flexible ICT expertise and solutions that to improve your business agility, reduce costs, manage risks and improve operational efficiencies.

Outsourced Digital Marketing

Our outsourced digital marketing services allow you to save time and focus your resources internally towards producing products and services for your customers, while we develop the strategic marketing plans and provide the creative drive to fuel growth for your business.

Sectors we serve



Real Estate

Travel & Tourism




Information Technology



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