Business Center Services

Gulf Future Business is currently in the process of opening a brand new business center that offers products, services, solutions and expertise to companies locally, regionally and internationally.

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Our Services

Meeting Rooms

We ensure all meeting rooms we offer are of a professional standard and can accommodate both a presentation setup and a video conference setup. In addition, all equipment and furnishing included are to be luxuriously reliable.

Private Offices

Our offices are built to ensure we can accommodate for businesses with teams of all sizes, and comes with a dedicated team of receptionists, IT support and business phone number. All our offices are fully furnished, sound-proof, secure and have access to secure internet connection, as well as a virtual private network, all accessible 24 hours for your convenience.

Business Solution Services

Along with a dedicated space for your business, our business center package also comes with business solution services to help you plan your next business strategy. The four solutions we offer are listed below:

  • Market Intelligence

In order to develop an effective business strategy, it is important to have an insight on the Bahraini market. Our market intelligence can help you use that information to determine the direction of their business based on factors such as customer needs, demand-supply changes, competitors positioning and the best practices.

  • Business Matching

Through our business matching services, we can help connect you to companies and individuals in Bahrain who share a common interest and help build a scenario that would lead to an equal benefit between you and your new partner(s).

  • Networking Services

We offer a variety of different networking services which include consultation, configuration, implementation and ongoing management.

  • PR Services

We believe public relations is an important aspect in growing your business in Bahrain. Through strategic planning and effective communication, your business can be widely reputable through a strong branding and a meaningful business story.

Office Support Services

While planning for dedicated location for your business, we also offer office support services to help you make the most out of your workspace. We offer a variety of quality packages to help you build your business in a professional image and help create a more trustworthy environment. Along with a dedicated space and team to kickstart your business, we also offer five additional services listed below:

  • Company Registration

We offer to help you through the application process of registering your business in Bahrain, regardless of its size.

  • Administrative Services

We offer to connect you to an administration support member in the case you’re your business may be facing a repetitive and time-consuming workload.

  • Project Management and Administration

We offer to help your business maintain a healthy communication between the project partners and help coordinate and complete tasks to the best of our abilities.

  • Accounts and HR Services

We offer a personal approach to help understand and improve your business performance by providing advice that would meet all its HR and financial requirements.

  • Client Management Services

We offer to help coordinate and manage interactions between your company and its clients, as we believe maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients can help in retaining them and attract new ones.

Why Us?

Dedicated Team
We have a specialized team is on board to help aid your journey in growing your business in Bahrain.
We have prepared to offer all our services alongside quality IT equipment and fast and secure internet connection, as we see it essential into maximizing your business’s efficiency.
Facilities and Workspace
In order to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible, we have prepared to offer facilities that are designed to be comfortable and luxurious.

We plan to keep offering services and solution that would benefit the needs of your business specifically.

Facilities and Workspace
In order to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible, we have prepared to offer facilities that are designed to be comfortable and luxurious.


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